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Deep.Meta identifies problems in metals production by harnessing manufacturing data to predict when defects will occur, before they do. We give operators and managers clear insights that enable them to consistently deliver high-quality products with minimal scrap.

Unique Technology

Conceived from cutting-edge PhD research, Deep.Meta is the only truly data-driven solution for minimising your scrap rate.

Our machine learning models learn continuously from their environment as your production line evolves.

Automatic defect isolation saves 100s of hours per year.

Tight production controls achieve target properties without expensive alloying elements.

Simple interface allows you to make production decisions using deep learning insights without being machine learning experts.

Meet the Founders

Osas Omogiade CEO

Imperial College London

PhD Metallurgist

Developed novel process for global steel manufacturers

Aizar Enciso Dominguez CTO

Imperial College London

PhD Quantum Computing
Led teams to build neural networks