Making Metals Simpler.

Making Metals Simpler.

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AI for Circular Metals Production, Reducing Yield Loss and Energy Consumption

Revolutionising Steelmaking

Modern steel plants are equipped with vast numbers of sensors. Deep.Meta’s software optimises production by harnessing their data to create digital versions of potential defects. This enables real-time insights to warn operators of casting cracks, or where target-properties won’t be achieved in a rolling schedule. These don’t require expensive hardware upgrades and are different from machine maintenance software, as it detects and characterises specific metallurgical defects.

The Leadership

We’re in full swing of a new iron-age, evident from the 1.8 bn tonnes of steel produced every year. That is why, our dedicated team of Metallurgists, Engineers and Physicists are optimizing yields and improving quality in metals manufacturing to meet the demands of the future, today.

Transforming the Environment

For every tonne of steel made, two tonnes of CO2 are produced. Using Deep.Meta’s software to optimise production efficiency directly reduces the amount CO2 produced by minimising rework. This makes the steel produced greener and frees up energy on mills for other activities. We envisage a world where increased efficiency of steel mills means that excess energy can be allocated to power nearby communities and towns.

Test Deep.Meta AI Performances

Select a production route and steel product to estimate how much energy and carbon can be saved in your daily steel tonnage using Deep.Meta.

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